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Fall Cleanup

Fall is the perfect time to restore your lawns luster and strength.

Aeration and seeding allows water, fertilizer, seed and oxygen to get deep into the root system of your lawn. You’ll see results before the onset of winter. Most importantly, you’ll see a much stronger and healthier lawn next spring.

Fall is also time to take advantage of our winter pansy program that will give your yard color all the way through till next summer.

Of course, you’ll want to reserve your spot for Fall leaf cleanup. Spots fill up fast as more and more people want to avoid the drudgery of leaf raking, bagging and disposal.

While your grass growth has finally slowed, Fall is a bevy of activity at Ott Landscaping. We use this valuable time to prepare your lawn for next years growing months. Fall provides the optimal climate for lawn servicing. Here are some of the services we recommend. which is why it is the best time to care for your lawn. The summer heat is past; however the lawn is not yet in its dormant state of winter. Just some of the services we offer are:

Core Aeration and Over Seeding (CAS) is an excellent way to maintain a good, established and healthy lawn. It’s a process that pulls ¾” plugs from your lawn, allowing water, fertilizer, seed and oxygen to get deep into the root system of the lawn.

CAS renovates a slightly damaged lawn… For example, minor drought or fungus problems.

Slice Seeding (SS) renovates lawns that experienced a bit more damage. This is a process that “slices” into the existing turf as it drops seeds into the cutting paths

A Combination of CAS and SS is used for lawns in bad to very bad condition. Many new lawns suffered terribly during this summers brutal summer temperatures and conditions. This approach will help them recover most efficiently

All of our lawn services include seed, starter fertilizer, labor, and equipment costs.

Fall Flowers
One of our more popular fall services is our winter pansy program. Winter pansies are installed in late September or early October, and will last until summer. The pansies may get a little “shriveled” in the cold temperatures, but somehow, no matter how much snow we get, they survive and “come alive” once spring arrives.

It’s a great way to keep colors alive in your landscaping during our colder months. Our most popular colors are purple, yellow and white. Other colors may be available upon request.

Fall Clean Ups (Leaf Clean Ups)
Most of you know our fall clean up procedure. We work on a first call, first come basis, and, we take and make reservations on a first come, first call basis. In other words, if you would like your fall clean up done for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or any special date, reserve it now… as we can sometimes only do one clean up per day, depending on the size of your property.

It’s also a good time to re-edge and mulch the beds for fall. This keeps the beds looking great all fall and into the winter. In most cases, you will not need mulch in spring especially if you do spring flowers.

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